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Learn about Aryn Lane, author and creator of Paperwaif, a shelf featuring novels, digital magazines, and creative directions. Inspired by her love of fashion and technology.

Aryn Lane

Welcome to Paperwaif, a shelf featuring contemporary novels, digital publications, and creative directions. Created by Aryn Lane, a wandering wallflower and author of A Moment In Time.

Style and design by Paperwaif featuring warm tones, autumn lines, and floral prints. Inspired fashion and technology.


A collection of favorite frames that bring to life casually cool styles, free spirit directions, and creative moods. Just a few of the ideas behind Paperwaif’s digital publications inspired by Aryn’s love of whimsy colors, layout designs, and style inspiration from textiles to seasonal palettes.

View style designs and layouts by Aryn Lane, author and creator of Paperwaif.


View a visual display of whimsy book covers, layout designs, and style lines by Aryn Lane. Inspired by her time at fashion design school along with the many places that have become “home” over the years….

  • Learn about Paperwaif Books, a collection of contemporary novels by Aryn Lane, author of The Valley Series and A Moment In Time.


From a messy draft to a polished novel, every story begins with a whimsical dream….


From romantic tones to wildflower styles, Paperwaif’s digital publications display a range of creative frames focusing on style lines, design elements, and travel inspiration….

Current spotlight: A Carolina Affair

View an autumn inspired photoshoot from Paperwaif featuring golden tones, dusty shades, and casually comfortable styles.


A closer look at Aryn Lane, a dreamer, waifly wanderer, and homegrown wallflower from the meadows of the northwest but an east coast lover. Creator of Paperwaif.com and author of The Valley Series and A Moment In Time.

Learn about Paperwaif, a shelf featuring novels, digital magazines, and style directions. Created by Aryn Lane, author of A Moment In Time. Inspire by fashion, design, and travel.


Four moves, six novels, three goals, two directions, one dream. The little moments that make a story. From a dusty apple orchard in the west to the outer banks in the east, Paperwaif continues to grow with each turn….

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