Enough Said


A Writer’s Mind

So, your manuscript has been proofed two hundred times and your cover now represents some version of your ninety thousand word novel… or so you think. So, you have agonized for days, weeks, months, even years, trying to prepare this complete gibberish (or perhaps, the greatest novel ever). Even if it’s still a work in process, why not give it try? Even if your mind feels like it has been scrambled and then slammed by a hammer repeatedly, why not continue to move forward, knowing that someday you will look back on those long, exhausting nights and be grateful that you at least gave it a shot? Even if you fall asleep at your desk, still tapping the keyboard as if the most magical story will suddenly appear, why not be there, dreaming up your next fairytale? Perhaps, writing’s not the easiest path to walk along. Perhaps, it’ll take twice as long. And, I’ve come to the conclusion that editing officially sucks. Enough said… On a more positive note, I look forward to sharing my latest work, Letters to Ashburn, the fourth novel in The Valley Series. More info coming soon…


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