New Novel


Contemporary Romance/Young Adult

Now Available in paperback and digital editions! Couldn’t have predicted how real this story has turned out to be. Originally writing it over seven years ago, all I saw was the glamour and fantasy and couldn’t have predicted the future headlines. Despite the events that have come to light, this is still one of my favorites. So, thank you for taking an interest in my book that was inspired by relationships, love, and the many hardships that couples face while walking along the path of life. As I venture toward different directions and learn from past mistakes, my ideas have broadened to include a little mystery and drama. A Moment in Time is one of my personal favorites, for it is my first stand-alone novel, and it represents young love, one of the more trying times in a persons’ life. A combination of light and dark flows throughout as there are sweet moments, but tenderness as well. This novel felt easier to write since it wasn’t attached to a series or inspired by places that have impacted my own direction. I chose to start from scratch and provide settings and backgrounds that don’t exist anywhere on a map, and I wanted to explore two different worlds as they come together to create a passionate outcome. As a child who spent many years dancing, ice skating, and flipping around the family farm, I- like so many others- have always been entranced by the world of elite sports and the young women who shine under the spotlight. But like many industries, there is always an unpleasant side that is rarely seen. When I first drafted this story years ago, I couldn’t have predicted today’s events that now overshadow the glitz and glamour. I was more interested in bringing forth a love story about an average boy who falls for a girl that lives in a very different kind of world. As an author, writing has become a part of my daily routine, and perhaps, the most relaxing part of my day. Piecing together ideas and storylines allows me to progressively move forward while learning so many new things. Though hard, and very discouraging at times, I welcome the challenges ahead and am excited to share future work. I appreciate the recognition and support that everyone has offered me.