Letters to Ashburn

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The Valley: Letters to Ashburn

Writing has become a part of my daily routine as I juggle many other things. The tedious process allows me to progressively move forward and broaden my knowledge as I continue to build a larger foundation. Being restless by nature, I chose to do the research and actively use the skills that I learned throughout college. The work can be very difficult at times but fulfilling as well. Letters to Ashburn is the fourth novel in The Valley Series and follows one of the original characters, Reese Bauer, from The Skyloft. The reader is given a glimpse of her life from the very first book. Throughout the series the character evolves, and eventually, is given her own storyline. As a series, many supporting characters and facts are woven within the other novels, offering information beforehand. This novel was different, however, since the storyline navigates the reader outside of The Valley as the main characters pursue their respective careers. Each volume, of course, focuses on specific love interests as well as offering insight into the previous couples. The overall tone of the novel resembles the others but follows a slightly different path, as the story steps outside of the familiar to discover the unfamiliar. Following design school I chose to completely start over, plant some new roots, and build a foundation that can grow year after year as my personal journey takes me all over. Beginning with the familiar, I am gradually stepping further and further away from what I know while trying new lines, designing fresh layouts, and discovering other options. Thank you for taking the time for my book that was inspired by my love for nature, childhood memories, and a place that will always feel like home. I appreciate the support and recognition that everyone has given me. And I look forward to offering new material as my direction continues to shift, allowing new ideas and opportunities to inspire my next chapter in life. Sincerely, Aryn Lane, Clover Books.