Final Day

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Writing has become a part of my daily routine while trying to juggle many different things.  It allows me to progressively move forward and broaden my knowledge as I continue to further my base. Instead of always waiting for something good to happen, I chose to do some research and actively use the skills that I leaned throughout college. Writing has been very difficult at times but fulfilling as well. Hartland Gone, the third novel in The Valley Series, follows one of the original four characters from The Skyloft as he navigates his way through a complex relationship. And, like the other books in the series, new characters are added as the stories’ progress. Each volume focuses on a specific couple, letting the reader get a glimpse of their backgrounds, and how they evolve while overcoming various obstacles. This storyline felt a little different since I didn’t naturally identify with the main characters. I intentionally went away from certain ideas and chose to include traits and personality quirks that differed from my experience. The overall tone is similar as the first two volumes, and the original characters are still included, letting the reader know how their lives have moved forward. Following design school, and then choosing to completely start over, I returned to a place that always feels comforting and familiar. So, thank you for taking the an interest in my work, which was inspired by my love for nature, childhood memories, and a place that will always feel like home. I appreciate the recognition and support and look forward to offering new novels! More info about my books can be found at Aryn Lane, Clover Books