You might be an antisocial introvert if:

You have a list of excuses on hand to avoid a nerve-wracking date (in public).

Your friend invites you to a party and you immediately change into your cozy pjs, find your favorite books, grab your drink of choice, and lock the door behind you.

After a social gathering, you need to go on vacation for several weeks just to recharge.

You order everything online just so you don’t have to make small talk.

When everyone is cursing the football game and you’re plotting another storyline.

You would rather be the cougar on the mountain than a robot in the city.

You can’t keep your mouth shut at home but suddenly go mute in public.

The world just sounds too damn loud from your perspective.

The television is your mortal enemy.

Everyone wants to celebrate your birthday and you just want to be alone.

You have very little interest in attention, validation, or me me me.

Most people just don’t understand your way of life unless they’ve been around you 24/7. And when the noise overwhelms and you just can’t handle it, Wyoming begins to look more amazing each day.

Only 5% of what you’re thinking is actually vocalized. But when you do share your thoughts, people are typically surprised by the outcome.

You watch everything, listen intently, and analyze ever detail, and yet others believe you’re not even paying attention.

You have a very difficult time getting hired because others can’t read your mind.

You’re so quiet, so shy, so nice… or so the label claims.

But then you’re also rude because you just don’t show your emotions that well. And you rarely react with emotion because it’s just too damn exhausting.

You would rather spend a Friday night at the library than at the local bar.

You would rather write books than vocalize your thoughts… Clover Books