Threads of Winter

Following a sluggish start to the new year, I finally peeled myself away from my cozy blankets and tubs of Tillamook ice cream. Prior to the holidays I had completed my first style guide, Threads of Winter, and was ready to share it. Of course, events took precedent over my favorite pastime and my latest project had to wait. Returning home, I finished my publication and posted it, but quickly realized a glitch followed. Unfortunately, I am posting a slideshow opposed to the publication until I can fix the issue.

After years of ignoring my favorite hobby- drawing- I have returned to style and fashion. Secretly, my dream job was to be a creative director for a company or magazine since I loved pulling all of the visual pieces together. To my dismay, my own personality got in the way and I’ve gone astray. Nevertheless, I love designing and writing books of any form. I love making patterns and drawing collections. Threads of Winter is my trial guide to see what works, what stinks, and what is downright awful… Clover Grown  

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