A Winter’s Night

Howling winds. Snow drifts. An eerily dark hour. The makings of a cozy night, or perhaps, your next horror novel. The best time to write is when the weather has gone haywire and you’re hiding inside, under your warm blanket, next to the fireplace. Cannot wait to obsess over my next novel, which will be a pleasant change from contemporary romance. I’ve spent years detailing and unraveling my own novels, just to feel frustrated, exhausted, and downright awful at times. No matter what I do or try, they just don’t sound right and probably never will. I’m sure every writer, designer, and artist feels this way at some point. There are no horrible stories, but rather, experiences that just don’t transpire into what you had originally imagined. Gathering inspiration from those around me, along with my past obsession with fashion, I can’t wait to finally write the storyline that I’ve thought about for some time. Onto chapter two… Clover Books