Pixie Prelude

Pixie Prelude~ A style lullaby


Following months of distraction and tending to other things, including a new crime novel that has yet to be titled and published, I have finally completed my second style guide, Pixie Prelude. Originally, I was going for a spring title but continued to fall behind as I had to relearn one of my programs that is better suited for digital guides. Since I most often learn by trial and error and live on a budget, it typically takes me twice as long to become familiar with what I need to know, opposed to hiring someone else. While I enjoy the process at times, it can also be very discouraging and a complete waste of time. Some days, I don’t know why I try, when I get so little in return other than personal satisfaction, and I am still figuring out a few issues like image size and the best format. Nevertheless, here it is, Pixie Prelude, a digital edition featuring summer styles, a place to visit, and some of my favorites~ Clovergrown

Pixie Prelude PDF

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