Northwest Footprints

Once upon a time the Northwest was home and all that I knew and loved. With a childhood filled with trips to the emerald city, moments on the ferry, and adventures to Cama Beach, life couldn’t get much better for a restless, young child. Snowcapped mountains were the norm and summers at the lake were just a stone’s throw away. Wildfires lingered across the Columbia river and apple blossoms lined the family farm. Following high school I couldn’t wait to leave, see something different, be gone. And just like that I was three thousand miles away, living in a state that felt like a completely different planet. No dry, windy, gold dusted mountains. No icicles lining the apple trees. No lake water the color of pure blue. No friendly faces. Until you’re gone you don’t realize how lucky you were at the time. Even now after moving around for nearly two decades, the Northwest still has the same beauty, same wildfires, same vibes. Sadly, many of the orchards are gone. Every time I catch a glimpse of what was, my heart breaks a little more. But I suppose that’s growing up, moving on, and building new memories. While it sounds comforting to stay in the same town, same friends, same routine, it’s just doesn’t inspire, and while I miss the prettier things like wildflowers in the mountains and sunsets lingering along the ocean lines, experiencing something new has always motivated me to keep going. Capturing the moments has always been one of my favorite pastimes. You never know when the blossoms will be gone forever~ Clovergrown