Book Blues

Summer is typically a time that I love but I can’t wait to get back into my writing routine when the house is quiet. I have little time to dedicate to my books, websites, and style guides, and often forget that I even have a site. Social media doesn’t interest me and I tend to neglect my profiles when my personal life overruns my writing life. Other aspects of my life have always been my priority and sadly my favorite pastimes aren’t number one. Someday maybe. That being said, I am finishing my first draft of my latest novel, a suspense thriller, and I am updating my website, Clovergrown, so that I can one day sell my digital novels and style guides on my site and app, which will probably take another six months to figure out. One day this will all make sense, hopefully before I’m ninety and have lost my mind. Guess I should work harder, try harder, etc. P.S. Summer Book Sale still going on for about three more weeks!

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