Northwest Love Story


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Following a very frustrating day of incompatible issues that seem to derail every project I work on, I am finally sharing my latest style guide, Style & Twine, which was completed in my mind six months ago. Of course, life got in the way along with a new storyline, and I am learning the hard way that I need to be twenty steps ahead instead of two. Apparently, I was snoozing the morning that Fashion 101 happened- always be a season ahead or time will pass you by.  Again, my efforts are a work in progress as I’m schooling myself on everything that I don’t know, but I do love the moments. Obviously my dream job is not to be a writer or editor (since I’m terrible at proof reading, which I’m sure everyone has noticed), and while I love fashion design, I love designing layouts for books and magazines even more. So it goes… Paperwaif

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