Style. Smile. Shine.

Shine On
Almost Here

Hello! I just wanted to share the beginnings of my winter lifestyle guide, Shine On Like Its ’99. Barely sneaked this collection in before the end of the year, which was a surprise since I’ve been editing, tweaking, and polishing my latest thriller suspense novel, leaving very little time for anything else. I was hoping to post my new novel before the end of the year, but chose to finish this guide instead. Style guides are much simpler to me and I didn’t want to rush my new novel. Shine On represents accomplishments, celebrations, and the determination to strive for more, whether that be personal or professional. This time of year reminds me of shimmer and shine, icy nights, and the feeling that something amazing might transpire. Even if darkness lingers, there’s always a glimmer of hope and that hope keeps me moving forward~ Paperwaif