Winter Shine

Shine OnWhile proofreading my latest paperback novel- which I’m trying to complete quickly without butchering the storyline- I’ve been busily sketching, organizing, and brainstorming for my next style guide. Since I’m already behind, and I have missed my 2019 goals by a long-shot, I am leaning toward a frothy, cozy winter theme that doesn’t include holiday inspiration. Shine OnWhere I am currently residing, winter can continue until May, which is a heartbreaker for me- I just miss those warm Carolina sunsets. Neverthless, I love watching the snow fall along the farms. I love thick, colorful sweaters that feel so warm and toasty. I love driving through the snowy mountains  when no one is around. My next style guide will be a combination of winter moments featuring a glitzy collection, a getaway to the Teton mountains, and a home project that is perfect for those long, dark afternoons that just won’t shine… Paperwaif