Books: January Sale

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As another month comes to an end, I am completing my time under a particular program where I can offer discounts and freebies for my digital editions. From this point forward, I am changing up my base for my earlier works, in turn, allowing me to offer my novels at various outlets including my own website, Paperwaif. I’ve wanted to do this for some time- I just haven’t had time to organize my work. But I have a feeling that a massive breakdown in the forecast and I have to move on before I completely lose my mind. As a conclusion to very strange times, my digital editions will be available for FREE on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (January 24-26) at Kindle/Amazon. To learn more about my novels, please visit my Paperwaif Books page where you can browse excerpts, details, and more…

My picks:  Never Forgetting YouA Moment in Time

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