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My Saturday pick: The Hardest Truth

The Hardest Truth, a contemporary romance novel by American author, Aryn Lane.

As a teenager, Riley Bauer was on a path to success, and as the reigning Blossom Valley Queen, she was given opportunities that others could only dream of. When an accident alters her plans, her little sister is left in her care and years of hardship follow as she tries to overcome the impossible. She then crosses paths with an unlikely individual who questions the events that transpired years earlier. Love blossoms as well as the mysterious circumstances surrounding her parents’ deaths.

Searching for a new lifestyle, Austin Hutch settles for a position as a small town cop in a quirky town that makes little sense to him. He stumbles upon the unexpected as buried secrets begin to surface. Suspicion grows, casting a shadow over his newfound happiness. As the truth is revealed, he questions his new direction.

Tucked away in a sleepy town of the west, The Hardest Truth is a story about new beginnings, old heartaches, and overcoming the past. SHOP NOW

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