Books: Procrastinating

Following a family quarantine for over a week, I am at that very moment that I dread- releasing a new novel. Weirdly, I have been doing this for quite some time, though I feel uneducated, worthless, and still a novice when it comes to accomplishing the tiny milestones that others take for granted. Sounds simple to write a book, especially when every celebrity, chef, plumber, and mom has their own title, and it is. Where the challenge lies for those of us with no connections, no fame,  and no chump change, is how to share your work with those who might be interested. Often, I question whether I should share at all. I love to write, design, and create whatever comes to my mind, but  the love stops there. Every other part of the process is like visiting the dentist. You go in smiling, spend an hour high on laughing gas, then get freebies on your way out. But as you drive away, all you feel is pain. Marketing, media, and connecting isn’t my strength, so obviously I am procrastinating again ~ Paperwaif

*Available Soon: Miss Mannequin

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