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February Newsletter from Paperwaif
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Following a nightmarish month of editing, then proofreading multiple times, I finally published my latest novel, Miss Mannequin, a thriller sidewinder that tiptoes along the lines of horror, fantasy, and social engineering. Truthfully, I have no idea what genre it should fall under since the characters and story line have several traits. Throughout the week I will be sharing more information about the novel as I update Paperwaif.com along with my other social connections. Miss Mannequin is raw, action packed, and quite different than my other novels. For now, I am sharing my February newsletter, which highlights Miss Mannequin as well as my upcoming digital publication, Nineties Noir, inspired by my love of combat boots, flannels, nineties music, and a decade that was truly a final goodbye to the good times ~

Miss Mannequin: Learn MoreĀ 

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