Miss Mannequin: First Excerpt

Now that I have completed the most agonizing part of writing a novel,  I finally get to share some of my favorite moments like excerpts, previews, lookbooks, and discounts. A long time coming, Miss Mannequin is the exciting, fast paced story that I have been searching for. There are no original thoughts and industries feel over-saturated as is, but I tried to stay true to my passions and ideas. Certainly, I am not the only individual who is thoroughly bored with remakes, sequels, and superheroes, and is looking for a story that is new and different. I will be writing a couple of follow up novels that bring forth new characters as the story expands. Miss Mannequin is really a first glimpse of a much larger background and end result, and I can’t wait to start piecing together the next section. Below, view an excerpt from Miss Mannequin.



“Touching the drawers and then counter, she discovered an odd, plastic object. She didn’t store belongings on the counter, except a ratty, old hairbrush. Frowning, she tried to focus but her vision was cloudy, and steam slithered along the cool tiles. She pressed further until realizing that she was holding onto a hand.

Startled, Ember gasped.

The hand tugged her forward, so that her head slammed against the mirror. Glass shattered, slitting her wrists in the process. Blood smeared the counter and Ember screamed in horror. She collapsed to the floor. She tried to crawl away, but the bathroom door slammed instantly as a pair of hollow eyes burned a hole through her soul. A devious devil emerged from the cloud of steam. Ember saw the silhouette clearly.

Screaming madly, she fought for her life but was terrified by what she saw. Hell had found a way into her apartment and the silhouette couldn’t possibly be real. She choked, then gurgled blood as the sharp object punctured her soft skin. Falling unconscious, the devil in disguise pulled out a needle and thread and began stitching. Ember lay in a pool of blood.


Drip, drip, drip. Droplets of water dripped from the showerhead.

Ember wearily opened her eyes, pain crippling her body. She nervously looked around after realizing that she was lying in the bathtub, the water cold and shallow. Blood spattered the walls. Horror glassed her eyes as she tried to move.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” a smooth voice said, stretching her leg.

Ember froze.

A hurtling scream echoed throughout Ember’s apartment.

Blinking in shock, air vanished from Ember’s lungs as she stared at her own leg, which had been removed from her body and stitched onto the person who sat by the door. ‘Person’ was a delicate title for the devilish being who snickered and smiled while polishing her new leg. Ember emotionally choked. She tried to escape but couldn’t. Shifting her other leg, which hadn’t been sawed off, she tried to crawl out of the tub. But those hollow eye sockets glided along the floor, then the tub, and over the water, pushing Ember underneath to the furthest depths of hell.”

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