Miss Mannequin: New Pages

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Mirror mirror on the wall, you thought you had it all.

As I prepare my Paperwaif Shop and Nineties Noir, my spring digital publication featuring dark, rose tones, I have created several new pages to Paperwaif, including an excerpt and preview. As I expand my site and open shop, many of the pages will change to accommodate the new layout, though I’m still uncertain how smooth the transition will go. I’ve wanted to offer my novels and guides on Paperwaif for some time but am hesitant to let go of my current set up. While reading about success stories and praise for others in my situation, I have yet to see any positive results and am thoroughly exhausted of putting endless efforts into a whimsical dream that will never happen. The day to day negatives weigh heavily and I’m ready to move on. Despite loving the independence I desperately need help! I can’t continue to do five different jobs when support is nonexistent. I’m barely breathing. Time to start writing letters…



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