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Miss Mannequin, a thriller suspense novel by American author, A. L. Merriman.
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Somewhere between page 100 and 200 I am once again feeling the dread, stress, and utter annoyance with editing and proof reading. Filing through a 357 page novel with a fine tooth comb is the most unpleasant part of writing, and while I believe that I have become better at avoiding the potential landmines- show a story opposed to telling it, don’t repeat the same words over and over- editing is the one job that is very difficult to accomplish when you have loud children, disruptive moments every five minutes, and twelve hours of work that have to be squeezed into twenty minutes. And at the end of the day you’re not on some amazing bestseller list, not endorsed by someone famous, and not even recognized for the very little that you do accomplish. You’re just another invisible, nameless so-caller writer or designer who barely pockets five cents a day. Even if you have a college degree and actively learn new programs, your education is not held at the same level as others. That said, editing is truly the evil monster that hinders my end goals. It’s very simple to write a story but challenging as hell to bring it to life, proper spelling included. Often, I will walk away from my computer to realize that a little monkey has unintentionally altered my work, and rarely do I notice until I’ve already published it. With my latest novel, MISS MANNEQUIN, I am trying to get it correct the first time, so finalizing my last edit is going painfully slow. In the next few weeks, I look forward to sharing my thriller novel with you. Until then, I’ll be ripping my hair out ~  Paperwaif

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