Bored As Fluck

“Thriller threads.  Sew vain.  Action laced scenes.  Socially engineered by design.”

Miss Mannequin, a thriller suspense novel from Paperwaif Books. Written by American author, A. L. Merriman and inspired by socially engineered lifestyles.

Bored as fluck and need a new book?!! This a great time to learn a new skill, discover new authors, or finish that home project that just never seemed that appealing. Good or bad, the isolated, hermit cove lifestyle has been my way of life for decades, so I feel right at home, designing, writing, and learning on my own. I’ve always found that being a self reliant doer is much easier than going stir crazy. Daily, weekly, and monthly I create timelines for finishing book editing, completing digital designs, and pulling together digital publications. Odd that some people believe I do nothing. Yet at this moment I’m  not bored, not stressed, not anxious, not falling apart, not ignoring my children, not losing my mind. Create a little happiness and pass it along even if it is something silly like paper dolls, creative photos, or a cut out hug. If you need some extra entertainment try a new book. Soon, I’ll be offering a sale on Miss Mannequin, so individuals can purchase a FREE digital copy from Kindle/Amazon. Until then, view Nineties Noir, Paperwaif’s latest digital publication featuring a whimsical trip down memory lane.

Miss Mannequin Excerpt

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