Hanging Frames

Hanging FramesBrowsing blurbs the other day, I stumbled across a strange article about millennials. Rarely am I interested how individuals perceive certain generations – we’re all very different no matter our lifestyles – but millennials seem to get twisted, turned, and thrown upside down despite how varied we are. Apparently, millennials have troubles changing light bulbs and hanging frames. While that may be the case for a select few, it’s inaccurate for every other millennial who has worked since sixteen, paid their own way through college, and learned everything they can about retirement funds, so they don’t make the same mistakes as others. Us lazy, flaky millennials grew up gardening, working on the farm, and watching our parents attend to everything themselves, including building their own home and digging their own well. And yes, changing lights bulbs. So it feels quite natural for me to do and learn tasks on my own. Asking for help is much more difficult. Perhaps, it’s not a generational trait but a how you were raised trait. Neither is better or worse, just different ~