Miss Mannequin: Excerpt


Miss Mannequin, a thriller suspense novel by American author, A. L. Merriman.

“Entering the 41st level, Koah zipped to the far side of the garage and slammed the brakes. The car bumped the barrier. Cement tumbled forty stories below as the car grazed the edge. Koah checked Slay’s seatbelt, then his. “Lean over and cover your head,” he instructed.

The car lurched backwards.

Slay’s heart raced. What was he doing? Terrified, she leaned over and closed her eyes but not before noticing the mannequin in the sideview mirror. She hysterically shouted as the car revved forward. Realizing that they sailed through the air, and that the mannequin was also there, her eyes flicked open. A strange, malicious grin beamed from the mannequin as she gracefully soared like a dark swam. But the delight in her eyes vanished when she realized that she was falling fast.

Darkness loomed and the city lights glittered below.

Back cover of Miss Mannequin, a thriller suspense novel by American author, A. L. Merriman.

The mannequin fell forty stories to the ground as the Lamborghini tore into the skyscraper. The car slid uncontrollably as Koah swerved and braked, ultimately stalling dangerously close to the edge. The windows on the building collapsed, and the car began to teeter.

Koah unbuckled them and grabbed Slay by the arm. They leapt from the car and fell to the floor as the car slipped from the edge of the skyscraper. Forty stories below, the car plummeted to the street.

In shock, Slay breathlessly choked. Her heart faltered, and she couldn’t stop shaking. Noticing the blood on her hands, she frantically looked around, her eyes lingering on Koah’s shirt. Blood soaked his clothes. “You’re hurt!” she stammered.”  Learn More


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