Nineties Noir: Full Edition

“Turn Back Time”


Remembering the nineties, I can’t think of a time that compares. Of course, the sixties and seventies were the greatest for my parents – and I still believe I should have been a sixties girl, daisy chains and all- but that moment passed me over. At the time, the nineties felt strange. Titanic fever. Nirvana hysteria. Glitter everywhere. While dazed and aloof, I aimlessly drifted through my teen years not realizing that we were really saying goodbye to all that was original and private. It was easy to blend in, become a part of the floral wallpaper, and disappear within shadows of the halls. Inspired by a combination of grunge, plaids, and romantic tones, Nineties Noir is reflection of what was. To the nineties and those extra large overalls… View PDF

In this issue:

  • Miss Mannequin Excerpt
  • Turn Back Time – Style Collection
  • Pretty, Paper Palettes
  • A Southwest Utopia – Las Vegas
  • Wallpaper Dolls
  • Giggles & Gunk


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