Wallpaper Dolls

Wallpaper Dolls from Nineties Noir, a digital publication by Paperwaif featuring nineties tones, Wallpaper Dolls, and Miss Mannequin.Following years of claiming that I was going to draw some paper dolls, I am finally revisiting one of my favorite pastimes. My latest novel has inspired me to go backwards to a time when life was so simple, just sketching, selecting textiles, and designing collections. Some days, I miss design so much that it hurts, and the discouraging part is that no one can relate. While insignificant to so many, it was the one thing that always contained my restless mannerisms and creative boredom. Decades later, I still find old drawings at my parents home and wonder. I must have drove them crazy with my hundreds of paper muses that floated among their business files. Obviously, I wish I had better skills and more time to focus on my very long list of to dos. Suppose, relaxing has never appealed to me, and having ten different project transpiring at once is just another typical day for me. While not a crazy cat lady, the threads are rapidly unraveling and it’s only a matter of time before I lose my mind. Just a glimpse at Wallpaper Dolls, featured in Paperwaif’s upcoming digital publication, Nineties Noir ~


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