A Moment in Time Excerpt

How evil are they?

Aryn Lane

“Blood quickly pooled around.

Arden punched Winston’s ribs repeatedly, not realizing that his knuckles had begun to bleed.  He shouted in anger, oblivious to his own rage. His head began to throb and his eyes looked crazed.  Unable to stop, he barely heard Lux’s quiet voice.

“Arden stop,” she said.  She stood behind him and stared at the blood-soaked carpet.  “Arden.”

Stumbling back, shock coursed through his body as he tried to control his emotions.  He blinked several times just to clear his head, and that’s when he saw the gun in Lux’s hand.  He jumped back, startled by her appearance.  Confusion followed.  Where did she get a gun?  And why? “What are you doing!” he exclaimed.  She pointed the glossy piece directly at Winston.

“Ending this!” she shouted.

Between the blood on his clothes and the unconscious person on the floor, Arden couldn’t comprehend what just happened.  The room wouldn’t focus and seeing a gun sent shivers down his spine. Guns weren’t common around the lakeside community.  Murders didn’t occur and hunting was reserved for the mountains.  If it weren’t for the numerous DUI’s, Kodaline wouldn’t even need cops.  Yet, a gun was at Lux’s house, which seemed strange.  Why did they need one?  And how did it end up in Lux’s possession?   She didn’t even look afraid.  Glancing down, he frantically suggested, “We have to call the cops!  He has a pulse and he’s still breathing.  It’s self-defense.”

“No,” she stated coldly.  Emotion was absent from her eyes.

Arden tried to object while anxiously glancing around for help, but Lux knew exactly what she was doing.  He helplessly stood in the background.  “Lux…”

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