A Wilder Kind: When following the common path just doesn’t inspire.

Along the mountains and hidden among the trees, wild horses roam beneath the gleams of light. So peaceful, so quiet, they stay out of sight, except for that split second when a lens focuses in. There, under the veil of shade, inspiration runs wild despite the lack of noise, lights, and roads. Perhaps, stepping away from the common path for a while will inspire a new novel, painting, or song. Or sometimes, a person just needs to recharge. Now that I have taken a moment to walk away, I’m gradually updating my site with a fresh layout, though it may take some time to achieve the style that I am striving for! Clover Books

Published by Aryn Lane

Aryn Lane is the creator of Paperwaif, a shelf featuring contemporary novels, digital publications, and style ideas. As a child, she ran around the family farm and was given the opportunity to work at a young age, offering her plenty of sunshine and inspiration. Always one to stay busy, she's always tackling new projects and trying to figure out how to move forward while prioritizing the daily chaos. Combining her ideas and passions, she dove into fashion design and enjoyed designing collections for her paper muses, but quickly realized that she prefers the quieter environments and country aesthetics. Honing her skills from college, she has actively pursued writing and digital designs while continuing to admire the evolving industries. Paperwaif has offered her a place where she is able to combine her favorite pastimes like digital designs and whimsical stories, pressing them into one setting that can be shared with an audience.

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