About Me

A wanderer.  A daydreamer.  A wallflower.

Wallflower Profile

Aryn Lane is the author of The Valley Series along with A Moment in Time.  Growing up in the beautiful northwest, inspiration bloomed all around and long summer days were meant for daydreaming.  In a town with only a small post office and little to do, making up stories became a favorite pastime.  Eventually, the dusty roads were left behind, in exchange for the bright lights of Las Vegas.  While living in Las Vegas, she received a bachelor’s degree in fashion design and was given the opportunity to do an internship in California. After getting a glimpse of the industry, she realized she prefers the quieter settings along with creating storylines.

Residing on the east coast for years, the north is home once again as she continues to broaden her base along with pursuing new opportunities. Restless by nature, her thoughts wander but the daily chaos of juggling many different things has kept her moving forward as she brings new stories to life.  And despite her aversion to social media, and the frustrating task of constructing a website, she is gradually accepting the experience.  New projects will include style guides, sneak peaks, and a new book series focusing on a passion from the past.  Anything is possible when your direction is forever shifting.  To purchase her novels Learn More. 

Always a wanderer, she feels right at home in the mountains and wildflowers where imagination and inspiration collide, creating pools of thoughts. The voices vanish as a new storyline comes to life…