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View a lifestyle gallery from A Carolina Affair, an autumn magazine from Paperwaif featuring an east coast love story, a collection of fall styles, a DIY home office for the cozy homebody, and budget friendly beauty picks. Inspired by North Carolina.

Trails to success….


Small business adventures with big ambitions….

A complete wall gallery of A Carolina Affair, a digital magazine featuring an east coast love affair, effortlessly cool autumn styles that smile, a DIY studio office for the self isolating homebody who loves a good design challenge, and a few beauty favorites for the girl on a budget; for those who love the turn of seasons, the crisp fall air, and strolls along the North Carolina coast, which oozes with lackadaisical tones. A Carolina Affair was inspired by Paperwaif’s love of whimsy tones, trails in the mountains, and the many casually warm styles that inspire homebody moments….

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In This Issue:

Fall Styles, Travel North Carolina, DIY Home Studio, Masking Happiness, Cozy To The Bone, Icy Autumn Brews, Project Block

  • Learn about A Moment In Time, a young adult novel featuring an elite gymnast, an average boy, and an intruder from the past. Where did she go? Written by Aryn Lane, author of The Valley Series.
  • Learn about The Skyloft, a feel good romance novel highlighting ghosts from the past, new beginnings, and finding happiness. Written by Aryn Lane, author of A Moment In Time.
  • Learn about The Hardest Truth, a contemporary romance novel featuring a local beauty, a curious outsider, and a past accident. Written by Aryn Lane, author of A Moment In Time.
  • Learn about Hartland Gone, a contemporary romance novel featuring a shaky relationship and a surprising disappearance. Written by Aryn Lane, author of A Moment In Time.
  • Learn about Letters To Ashburn, a contemporary romance novel featuring two souls in passing. Written by Aryn Lane, author of A Moment In Time.
  • Learn about Never Forgetting You, a romance mystery novel highlighting a father daughter relationship and the close bond that they share. Written by Aryn Lane, author of A Moment In Time.

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The Valley Series: Adult romance novels with a teensy bit of humor

A Moment In Time: Young adult novel that runs off the rails

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View a collection of whimsy autumn images from Paperwaif featuring a friendly neighbor, cozy homebody styles, and the coolest October sips.

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Beginning with an unrealistic dream to a lifelong obsession with writing, designing, and creating, Paperwaif has become a creative outlet focusing on positive goals, style lines, and book vibes. Offering digital magazines and contemporary novels, Paperwaif’s story grows with each page turn.



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Published by Aryn Lane

Aryn Lane is the creator of Paperwaif, a shelf featuring contemporary novels, digital publications, and style ideas. As a child, she ran around the family farm and was given the opportunity to work at a young age, offering her plenty of sunshine and inspiration. Always one to stay busy, she's always tackling new projects and trying to figure out how to move forward while prioritizing the daily chaos. Combining her ideas and passions, she dove into fashion design and enjoyed designing collections for her paper muses, but quickly realized that she prefers the quieter environments and country aesthetics. Honing her skills from college, she has actively pursued writing and digital designs while continuing to admire the evolving industries. Paperwaif has offered her a place where she is able to combine her favorite pastimes like digital designs and whimsical stories, pressing them into one setting that can be shared with an audience.

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