Letters to Ashburn

NEW RELEASE!!! NOW AVAILABLE HERE! The Valley: Letters to Ashburn Writing has become a part of my daily routine as I juggle many other things. The tedious process allows me to progressively move forward and broaden my knowledge as I continue to build a larger foundation. Being restless by nature, I chose to do the … Continue reading Letters to Ashburn

Daydream Retreat

To the next chapter in life: To discovering where the latest adventure will take place. To finding the perfect little place for writing your next novel. To seeing a beautiful view in front of you. To hearing nothing but the water ruffling ashore as the sun gleams down. To knowing that there is nothing more … Continue reading Daydream Retreat

New Novel

  A MOMENT IN TIME Contemporary Romance/Young Adult Now Available in paperback and digital editions! Couldn't have predicted how real this story has turned out to be. Originally writing it over seven years ago, all I saw was the glamour and fantasy and couldn't have predicted the future headlines. Despite the events that have come … Continue reading New Novel