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A collection of contemporary romance novels.

The Valley
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Taking place in the valleys of the Northwest, a group of friends band together to overcome tragedy, heartbreak, and professional challenges. Through love, they are able to form everlasting bonds and grow as family. The small mountainous towns become a welcoming home as they struggle to find balance in their lives. Focusing on a specific couple for each novel, the collection leads the reader on a journey through the minds of the characters as they work to build foundations for the future. Volumes 1-5 are available HERE.


The Valley: Volume One

The Skyloft
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As a fashion designer, Abbey Rhodes dreamed of runway shows and couture photo shoots, believing her life would be exactly how she had planned it. She never would have guessed that a life-changing event could suddenly alter her entire future. Eventually moving home with the support of her family, she begins dealing with the unexpected, a new baby, old friends, and a challenging business adventure, Blossom Sway. Even then, a mystery is on her hands when someone begins sending her cryptic messages. As she begins to piece her life back together, another unforeseen twist alters her direction.

Set in the heart of Washington, The Skyloft is a moving tale about two individuals who cross paths after enduring tragedy and heartbreak. Buy Now

The Skyloft (The Valley, #1)


The Valley: Volume Two

The Hardest Truth
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As a teenager, Riley Bauer was on a path to success, and as the reigning Blossom Valley Queen, she was given opportunities that others could only dream of. When an accident alters her plans, her little sister is left in her care and years of hardship follow as she tries to overcome the impossible. She then crosses paths with an unlikely individual who questions the events that transpired years earlier. Love blossoms as well as the mysterious circumstances surrounding her parents’ deaths.

Searching for a new lifestyle, Austin Hutch settles for a position as a small town cop in a quirky town that makes little sense to him. He stumbles upon the unexpected as buried secrets begin to surface. Suspicion grows, casting a shadow over his newfound happiness. As the truth is revealed, he questions his new direction.

Tucked away in a sleepy town of the west, the second novel in The Valley Series, The Hardest Truth, is a charming tale about new beginnings, old heartache, and the challenge of finding true love.  Buy Now

The Hardest Truth (The Valley, #2)


The Valley: Volume Three

Hartland Gone
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Finding success at a young age, Carter Hartland believes his life is perfect. He owns a lucrative chartering business, enjoys the company of various women, and leads a lifestyle that his peers envy. What more could his heart desire? The afternoon an unusual woman challenges him, he finds himself stumbling into unfamiliar territory. His newfound happiness is then threatened when the unexpected happens. Shocked by the suspicion that follows, the residents of the valley search for answers as the mystery deepens.

Gemma Bauer has everything. Wealthy parents. Worldly experience. Private schooling. A hansome fiancé. Her worst nightmare then happens, leaving her single, apartmentless, and on a plane to the northwest to visit a cousin that she has never met. When surprises transpire, she questions her new direction as well as her unstable love affair.

The third installment of The Valley Series, Hartland Gone, is a tale about loyalty, secrets, and everlasting love. Buy Now

Hartland Gone (The Valley, #3)


The Valley: Volume Four

Letters to Ashburn
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Becoming friends as teens, Reese and Colton find themselves on different journeys as their careers take them in opposite directions. When they randomly cross paths months later, they realize their friendship is more than casual and love has been forever imprinted on their souls. Unforeseen events then follow, jeopardizing their close relationship as they struggle to accept the choices that they have made. Will they be able to put the past behind them and overcome their mistakes, or will an ocean always come between them? Will time simply run out as the unthinkable happens?

As the fourth novel in The Valley Series, Letters to Ashburn is a love story about two individuals who struggle with distance, envy, and an unbreakable bond that will forever define their relationship. Buy Now

Letters to Ashburn (The Valley, #4)


The Valley: Volume Five

Never Forgetting You
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As a young father, Mason Shaw had to grow up fast after enduring a questionable past. But when darkness comes knocking one winter’s night, leaving behind more questions than answers, his past resurfaces as the authorities begin to suspect something sinister at the Shaw residence.

An artist on the rise, Hattie Thatcher’s career as a glassblower is quickly garnering praise. When she receives a call from her ailing grandfather, however, she quickly packs her belongings and heads back to the northwest to help. She then crosses paths with a disgruntled father who shifts her direction until the unimaginable happens. She is left questioning relationships, the love that intertwines, and the evil that slips through the cracks of a happy home.

As the fifth volume of The Valley Series, Never Forgetting You is heart wrenching, soul stretching, and emotionally fulfilling. Buy Now 

Never Forgetting You (The Valley, #5)


A Moment in Time
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As a senior at Kodaline High, Arden Summers enjoys a low-key lifestyle until an unfamiliar girl catches his eye. Learning that the new student is Lux Madden, one of the most touted gymnasts in the country, he falls madly in love with her, only to realize that she’s holding onto many secrets. A mysterious acquaintance then appears, leaving him to question Lux’s past. Three of them are involved. Two are deeply in love, but only one lives to remember. Buy Now

A Moment in Time