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Style that inspires, lines that grow like wildflowers, directions that even a wallflower will admire…. A writer’s way of life.


A Carolina Affair

A forever love story from Asheville to the Outer Banks, this issue features North Carolina where style and adventure collide, inspiring homebody tones, warm autumn vibes, and cozy styles for those casual afternoons in the woods.

Rainbow Frames

Creative lines that smile:) Featuring homegrown blooms, a sunkissed road trip to Baja, and whimsical tones that capture happy moments. Inspired by summer vibes and casually cool lifestyes.

Nineties Noir

Turn back time with dark, romantic tones inspired by an unforgettable decade. Featuring a winter walk along a desert oasis, a new thriller novel, Miss Mannequin, and a collection of edgier styles.

Shine On

Party like it’s ’99. A lighthearted, glitzy guide featuring celebratory directions, a winter getaway to a mountain hideaway, and creative lines that highlight those special moments.

Style & Twine

Inspired by a northwest road trip, this spring guide represents wildflower vibes, country aesthetics, and wanderlust moments. Featuring a beach getaway, airy styles, and the perfect lake town nestled in the mountains.



Learn about Paperwaif's journey from an unrealistic dream to a lifelong obsession with writing, designing, and creating directions that highlight positivity, homegrown styles, and whimsical moments.


Beginning with an unrealistic dream to a lifelong obsession with writing, designing, and creating, Paperwaif has become a creative outlet that focuses on positive goals, style lines, and book vibes. Offering digital magazines and contemporary novels, Paperwaif’s story grows with each page turn.

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