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Ugh… I’m thinking it’s time to move on, possibly to butterflying catching or unicorn wrangling since this not so pleasant book adventure has turned into a disastrous nightmare that has had worse results than hunting dragons. Where are all of these individuals who love to read, love style and design, love creating? They are supposedly everywhere, at least social media claims so. I’ve read all the rules, all the things you’re supposed to do and yet was accomplishing more ten years ago twiddling my thumbs and counting the donuts stuffed in my cheeks. How is it that everyone loves the .00001% of products that are fortunate to have a lucky break, have the connections or the money, but others are completely ignored, trashed, and still invisible despite working twice as hard? And who in their right mind has the time? No other responsibilities? Why is it that after nearly fifteen years, I’m still the flake with no direction, no interests? Have I not loved the same industries since college, even if those interests aren’t shared or important to others?

Obviously, I’m frustrated like always since I’m on a road to nowhere despite moving every three years. Quite ironic really. Can’t wait until this merry-go-round finally slows, so I can walk out the door, go to work for the things I love, and not have to take care of everyone else 24/7. Good luck getting hired at 45 though. Isn’t life wonderful? Even more so when you work tirelessly and no one thinks you do. Always the invisible waif…

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Published by Aryn Lane

Aryn Lane is the creator of Paperwaif, a shelf featuring contemporary novels, digital publications, and style ideas. As a child, she ran around the family farm and was given the opportunity to work at a young age, offering her plenty of sunshine and inspiration. Always one to stay busy, she's always tackling new projects and trying to figure out how to move forward while prioritizing the daily chaos. Combining her ideas and passions, she dove into fashion design and enjoyed designing collections for her paper muses, but quickly realized that she prefers the quieter environments and country aesthetics. Honing her skills from college, she has actively pursued writing and digital designs while continuing to admire the evolving industries. Paperwaif has offered her a place where she is able to combine her favorite pastimes like digital designs and whimsical stories, pressing them into one setting that can be shared with an audience.

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