Happiness Ingredients

A collection of drink images from Rainbow Frames, a summer publication by Paperwaif.

Good morning yummies:) So excited that it is finally sunny, warm, and the weekend, though most days have turned into a lazy daze of coffee, flower power cakes, and road trips along the backwoods of the northwest. Rarely do I care about food or sharing recipes since I burn every meal that I make, but after spending over a decade behind a bar, I have yet to give up a simple glass of iced coffee with a splash of cream, and this delicious basic costs less than twenty cents a day. A few other favorites… Thai tea with sweetened condensed milk and matcha with coconut milk.

One of the greatest little kitchen items that I have purchased over the years is the Dash waffle maker. Absolutely love them! The perfect solution for those of us who dislike boxed waffles but want to offer something fun for the kiddos. The Dash items come in various colors, shapes, and are inexpensive to buy, and the flower cakes are the perfect breakfast with a pinch of sweetness, a dash of happiness, and a scoop of yumshine. For more happy tones, watch for Rainbow Frames, Paperwaif’s latest digital publication featuring Styles That Smile, a road trip to Baja, and whimsical projects for the home. Coming up next week, a pop-up sale for Never Forgetting You, a contemporary romance novel that focuses on a father daughter relationship and a mysterious incident that shatters their lives forever. Learn More

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Published by Aryn Lane

Aryn Lane is the creator of Paperwaif, a shelf featuring contemporary novels, digital publications, and style ideas. As a child, she ran around the family farm and was given the opportunity to work at a young age, offering her plenty of sunshine and inspiration. Always one to stay busy, she's always tackling new projects and trying to figure out how to move forward while prioritizing the daily chaos. Combining her ideas and passions, she dove into fashion design and enjoyed designing collections for her paper muses, but quickly realized that she prefers the quieter environments and country aesthetics. Honing her skills from college, she has actively pursued writing and digital designs while continuing to admire the evolving industries. Paperwaif has offered her a place where she is able to combine her favorite pastimes like digital designs and whimsical stories, pressing them into one setting that can be shared with an audience.

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