Hartland Gone Preview

Contemporary Romance

Hartland Gone, a contemporary romance novel by Aryn Lane.

Finding success at a young age, Carter Hartland believes his life is perfect. He owns a lucrative chartering business, enjoys the company of various women, and leads a lifestyle that his peers envy. What more could his heart desire? The afternoon an unusual woman challenges him, he finds himself stumbling into unfamiliar territory. His newfound happiness is then threatened when the unexpected happens. Shocked by the suspicion that follows, residents of the valley search for answers as the mystery deepens.

Gemma Bauer has everything. Wealthy parents. Worldly experience. Private schooling. A hansome fiancé. Her worst nightmare then happens, leaving her single, apartmentless, and on a plane to the northwest to visit a cousin that she has never met. When the unthinkable happens, she questions her new direction as well as her unstable love affair.

When your lifestyles don’t align and the past continues to haunt you, will love be enough to overcome the impossible? Hartland Gone is a story about loyalty, envy, and the little surprises that intertwine.

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