Hartland Gone

“Rain drizzled around midnight. A breeze cooled the room and the window was still open.

Gemma automatically reached across the bed only to find it empty. Instant dread overcame her heart, as she feared the worst. For hours, she had slept next to the edge of the bed while Carter had done the same. She nervously peered around the dark room as her eyes fell onto the ballerina music box, realizing that Carter was going to leave her because of her clever indiscretion. Was he truly unhappy in their relationship? She wouldn’t have guessed so. Yet his inconsiderate comments pained her fickle heart. As she walked into the kitchen, she saw him on the couch with a beer, watching the sports channel in silence. She glanced at the clock on the stove. It was three in the morning. Although it wasn’t unusual for him to wake at odd hours, the devastation was undeniable. His eyes were tumultuous, his expression distantly cold. Labels from the beer bottles had been torn and tossed aside. She wished that she hadn’t woken. She stood against the counter and waited. Nothing.

“Say something,” she quietly pleaded.

Carter didn’t even blink as anger overshadowed the gloomy hour. For hours, he had tossed and turned while considering all of Gemma’s lies. What if there was more that she hadn’t revealed? What if she had visited her ex while he was away? Ultimately, he moved to the couch when he could no longer stare at her bare skin. He thought alcohol might calm his smoldering temper, but it had the opposite effect. Anger remained, and unfortunately, he didn’t leave when he had the chance to.”  Read More

Hartland Gone (The Valley, #3)

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