Miss Mannequin Preview

Thriller. Suspense. Crime.

Miss Mannequin, a thriller suspense novel by A. L. Merriman.
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Graduating from The Academy, Slay couldn’t wait to join Onyx Brands, the wealthiest, most admired fashion entity in the world. Born on Echelon Island, Onyx is a way of life and design is the envy of social media. When a wealthy elite is found brutally mutilated, suspicion falls on Onyx and the peculiar chain of operations that associates are required to follow. Dismayed by her assigned location- the Recycle Bin- where old, dismembered oModels are sent to be sorted and discarded, Slay notices that Onyx Brands isn’t the luxurious, environmentally conscious enterprise that they claim to be. As a threat looms over Echelon, and their utopian lifestyles, no one sees the danger hiding behind those silver eyes and scarlet lips.

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