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Learn about Paperwaif, a shelf featuring contemporary novels, digital publications, and style ideas. Created by Aryn Lane and inspired by design and technology.

by Aryn Lane

Welcome to Paperwaif Press, a collection of novels by Aryn Lane. Following fashion design school, lifestyle changes altered her plans and she began writing and designing books to entertain her creative mind. Following years of frustrating mistakes, she is moving forward with her favorite pastimes- digital publications, paper dolls, and thriller novels.

Contemporary Romance
  • The Valley Series
  • The Skyloft
  • The Hardest Truth
  • Hartland Gone
  • Letters to Ashburn
  • Never Forgetting You
Thriller Fantasy

Miss Mannequin: Echelon Files

Young Adult

A Moment in Time

Learn about Miss Mannequin, a thriller horror novel by A. L. Merriman. Inspired by design and technology.

A string of murders. An unraveling company. A mysterious dollmaker. Will Echelon and the Utopian lifestyle survive the socially engineered environment?

Learn about The Skyloft, a feel good romance novel highlighting ghosts from the past, new beginnings, and finding happiness. Written by Aryn Lane, author of A Moment In Time.

The Valley: Volume One

Returning to old roots. Building a new foundation. And never forgetting the moments that shaped the final outcome.

Learn about The Hardest Truth, a contemporary romance novel featuring a local beauty, a curious outsider, and a past accident. Written by Aryn Lane, author of A Moment In Time.

The Valley: Volume Two

A stranger moves in. A haunting past emerges. Will buried secrets reveal the truth?

Learn about Hartland Gone, a contemporary romance novel featuring a shaky relationship and a surprising disappearance. Written by Aryn Lane, author of A Moment In Time.

The Valley: Volume Three

When your lifestyles don’t align and the past continues to haunt you, will love be enough to overcome the


Learn about Letters To Ashburn, a contemporary romance novel featuring two souls in passing. Written by Aryn Lane, author of A Moment In Time.

The Valley: Volume Four

An ocean away. An unexpected direction. A lifestyle of obsession. Just two souls in passing.

Learn about Never Forgetting You, a romance mystery novel highlighting a father daughter relationship and the close bond that they share. Written by Aryn Lane, author of A Moment In Time.

The Valley: Volume Five

One winter’s night a couple of phantoms vanish out of sight and a town is forever torn apart.

Learn about A Moment In Time, a young adult novel featuring an elite gymnast, an average boy, and an intruder from the past. Where did she go? Written by Aryn Lane, author of The Valley Series.

Three of them are involved. Two are deeply in love. But only one lives to remember. How evil are they?

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