Never Forgetting You Preview

Contemporary Romance

Never Forgetting You, a contemporary romance novel by Aryn Lane.

As a young father, Mason Shaw had to grow up fast after enduring a questionable past. But when darkness comes knocking one winter’s night, leaving behind more questions than answers, his past resurfaces as the authorities begin to suspect something sinister at the Shaw residence.

An artist on the rise, Hattie Thatcher’s career as a glassblower is quickly garnering praise. When she receives a call from her ailing grandfather, she packs her belongings and heads back to the northwest to help. She then crosses paths with a disgruntled father who shifts her direction until the unimaginable happens. She is left questioning relationships, the love that intertwines, and the evil that slips through the cracks of a happy home.

Never Forgetting You is a heart wrenching, soul stretching, and emotionally fulfilling story that highlights the close bond between a father and his daughter.

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