Take Fifty-Seven


“In a world of digital frames and socially engineered environments, be the thread that’s different.”


So grateful that this sale is over! While I love offering freebies and sharing my ideas with others at a decent price, I find the constant advertising, promoting, and posting to be thoroughly exhausting and disgusting. How are individuals so into themselves? Despite trying to keep my work completely professional and only about the product, I still find the spotlight to be utterly repulsive to the point of wanting to vomit. I’m thinking it is time to seriously beg for help. I don’t know how anyone in design or writing can stand the 2000’s. Industries are so oversaturated and it’s nearly impossible to move forward. Suppose 5,000 e-mails later, I might get somewhere. Meanwhile, bored, going insane, and  already have read the brick-and-mortar best sellers that everyone loves? Last chance to take a chance on a new thriller novel. MISS MANNEQUIN by A. L. Merriman.  SHOP NOW



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Take Forty-Eight


“Swimming away, Slay thrashed around when kelp wrapped around her. She tore the kelp but froze as she came face to face with a familiar face- Ember. Ember’s lifeless, mutilated body with the wooden leg was caught in the forest, her dull, emerald eyes vacantly staring through the dark ocean. Slay had never been so frightened or terrified in her life. As she swam away, her eyes stayed on Ember, but the water appeared to lighten. A shadow with silver circles snaked behind Ember, and the circles resembled diamonds.

The shadow swam fast, dragging Slay by her ankles and battering her through the thick forest.

Air vanished from Slay’s lungs. Her body bumped against the dismembered limbs as she was pulled along the shallow ocean floor. Kicking and fighting the entire time, the mannequin’s evil grin turned into a murderous glare. It’s white, pearly teeth grazed Slay’s feet with a strange, ticklish charm. Slay nearly fell unconscious again but fought to stay alive. And then, so swiftly, so silently, the mannequin vanished, leaving her in a sea of mutilated bodies.” SHOP NOW

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A Paperwaif Moment

“You don’t always know where life will take you. An adventure awaits, even from the couch.

The choices we make that don’t always make sense… Though very strange times that we are currently having to adapt to (myself not so much since I’m already a antisocial, introverted recluse who prefers hiding in a cozy nook with my design tools, notebooks, and a bowl of ice cream), I think it is a little odd that so many individuals are having a difficult time dealing with their offspring. Yes, it may be a completely different lifestyle than what some are accustomed to, when we have grown carelessly fond of dropping them with grandparents, nannies, daycare, and anyone but ourselves, however, how difficult is it to interact, play, and be responsible for them without being irritated, annoyed, and frustrated that they are such an inconvenience to you? Unfortunately, at certain points in our lives, many of us have made very difficult decisions to prepare for these unusual, unpredictable circumstances. And I am not suggesting financially.

Graduating school, all I wanted was to get a foot in the door, begin a career from the bottom up, and build an amazing portfolio. Like many others, I didn’t realize how exhausting and challenging it would be to balance everything. Celebrities make it look so easy. Yet there’s a little secret to their so-called having it all. Twenty other individuals manage everything for them, including all of their social media posts. Every photo and post is doctored. Memoirs aren’t necessarily written by them. So-called fashion lines use their name and image. The public has known this for decades. Even so, it still looks easy on paper.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t find anything in life to be easy. I’ve never had connections in the industries that I love. I’ve never had a financial handout for college, vacations, etc. I grew up on a trailer on a farm that has become a desolate memory at best. Not knocking my upbringing in any way, but I’ve always seen things a little differently because of my unconventional childhood. Despite desperately wanting that whimsical, dream career that I felt I could be successful at, a turning point arrived, where to my disappointment, I had to set aside my personal ambitions and decide what would be best for our little unit that kept growing. If that meant giving up anything and everything that I really wanted, so be it. To secure a future, I felt we had to follow the benefits for the betterment of our family, not mine, which also meant being 100% reliant on one another and no one else.

It’s a system that’s works amazingly well for us, especially at a time like this when I am already accustomed to caring, playing, and working with my children 24/7. Do I wish I could drop my kids elsewhere, so we can have a weekend away? Yes. Do I get really upset about not following the career that I wanted, when others brag all the time? Yes. Do I wish I had more personal time to work on my books, magazines, and digital designs? Yes. Do I think this lifestyle is for everyone? Absolutely not. Most people need social interaction, jobs to keep them occupied, and reasons to stay motivated. Just one of the perks of being an antisocial wallflower is self motivation, creative thoughts, and a do-it-yourself type of attitude. I always have eight different projects occupying my time and the list never ends. That’s why I’ll never be satisfied with only five books, only ten digital publications, or only one portfolio. The creative process simply never ends and I am sure there are other individuals who feel the same way.

I’ve accomplished  many personal goals because I didn’t follow that career in the city. I wouldn’t have considered writing books or designing covers, ever. I wouldn’t have learned how to design magazines or build my own website. I wouldn’t have moved to N. Carolina, a state that I have absolutely fallen in love with forever. Not even Washington can bring me back to the dry, desolate deserts that I’m just not compatible with. Don’t even recognize the lifestyles anymore. These may be superficial, unimportant goals and career directions, but my flake, floozy personality has allowed me to compromise and realize when it’s time be a whole, not just a slice.

We all make choices good or bad, right or wrong. No lifestyle is better than another. But you do have to live with the choices that you have made, myself included.

Just take a deep breath…



Pop Up Sale

A Comfortable Surprise

Miss Mannequin, a thriller suspense novel from Paperwaif Books. Written by American author, A. L. Merriman and inspired by socially engineered lifestyles.

Starting tomorrow, April 2nd, my latest novel, Miss Mannequin will be on sale at Kindle/Amazon for five days. Download or share the digital edition for FREE until April 7th. This is the first and last time that I will probably access promos through the KDP program or Amazon – the direction just no longer aligns with my personal goals, beliefs, or how I would like to share my work with interested individuals. Looking ahead, I am excited to design my own shop @Paperwaif.com and sell directly. More on that later… Get cozy, comfy, and settled in to enjoy a freebie that hasn’t been overexposed, over-saturated, or excessively advertised to the point of wanting to vomit! Thriller threads and action laced. Stitched with adventure but designed to perfection. Will Utopia survive the socially engineered lifestyle?… Read Excerpt


  • Not another reboot, remake, or reunion
  • Not another superhero fanboy story
  • Not another self-serving memoir that requires daily advertising
  • Not another lecture
  • Delivered by a no name writer, from a no name town


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Bored As Fluck

“Thriller threads.  Sew vain.  Action laced scenes.  Socially engineered by design.”

Miss Mannequin, a thriller suspense novel from Paperwaif Books. Written by American author, A. L. Merriman and inspired by socially engineered lifestyles.

Bored as fluck and need a new book?!! This a great time to learn a new skill, discover new authors, or finish that home project that just never seemed that appealing. Good or bad, the isolated, hermit cove lifestyle has been my way of life for decades, so I feel right at home, designing, writing, and learning on my own. I’ve always found that being a self reliant doer is much easier than going stir crazy. Daily, weekly, and monthly I create timelines for finishing book editing, completing digital designs, and pulling together digital publications. Odd that some people believe I do nothing. Yet at this moment I’m  not bored, not stressed, not anxious, not falling apart, not ignoring my children, not losing my mind. Create a little happiness and pass it along even if it is something silly like paper dolls, creative photos, or a cut out hug. If you need some extra entertainment try a new book. Soon, I’ll be offering a sale on Miss Mannequin, so individuals can purchase a FREE digital copy from Kindle/Amazon. Until then, view Nineties Noir, Paperwaif’s latest digital publication featuring a whimsical trip down memory lane.

Miss Mannequin Excerpt

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Miss Mannequin: Excerpt


Miss Mannequin, a thriller suspense novel by American author, A. L. Merriman.

“Entering the 41st level, Koah zipped to the far side of the garage and slammed the brakes. The car bumped the barrier. Cement tumbled forty stories below as the car grazed the edge. Koah checked Slay’s seatbelt, then his. “Lean over and cover your head,” he instructed.

The car lurched backwards.

Slay’s heart raced. What was he doing? Terrified, she leaned over and closed her eyes but not before noticing the mannequin in the sideview mirror. She hysterically shouted as the car revved forward. Realizing that they sailed through the air, and that the mannequin was also there, her eyes flicked open. A strange, malicious grin beamed from the mannequin as she gracefully soared like a dark swam. But the delight in her eyes vanished when she realized that she was falling fast.

Darkness loomed and the city lights glittered below.

Back cover of Miss Mannequin, a thriller suspense novel by American author, A. L. Merriman.

The mannequin fell forty stories to the ground as the Lamborghini tore into the skyscraper. The car slid uncontrollably as Koah swerved and braked, ultimately stalling dangerously close to the edge. The windows on the building collapsed, and the car began to teeter.

Koah unbuckled them and grabbed Slay by the arm. They leapt from the car and fell to the floor as the car slipped from the edge of the skyscraper. Forty stories below, the car plummeted to the street.

In shock, Slay breathlessly choked. Her heart faltered, and she couldn’t stop shaking. Noticing the blood on her hands, she frantically looked around, her eyes lingering on Koah’s shirt. Blood soaked his clothes. “You’re hurt!” she stammered.”  Learn More


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