The Skyloft Preview

The Valley: Volume One

The Skyloft, a contemporary romance novel by American author, Aryn Lane.
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As a fashion designer, Abbey Rhodes dreamed of runway shows and couture photo shoots, believing her life would be exactly how she had planned it. She never would have guessed that a life-changing event could suddenly alter her entire future. Eventually moving home with the support of her family, she begins dealing with the unexpected, a new baby, old friends, and a challenging business adventure, Blossom Sway. A mystery is on her hands, however, when someone begins sending her cryptic messages. As she begins to piece her life back together, another unforeseen twist alters her direction.

Set in the heart of Washington, The Skyloft is a moving tale about two individuals who cross paths after enduring tragedy and heartbreak… SHOP 

Returning to old roots. Building a new foundation. And never forgetting the moments that shaped the final outcome.

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