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A Wallflower’s Style


Summer 2019~ Pixie Prelude

A style lullaby featuring soft tones, light textiles, and whimsical styles inspired by a combination of fantasy and natural beauty. Pixie Prelude offers style inspiration, project block, Clover Books, and a sleepy town in the north. When theater and design have inspired my way of life, I tend to admire styles that have been woven from a fairytale.






Winter 2018~ Threads of Winter

A style story that offers winter collections along with an outdoor adventure. Often, a person does not have one style or one way of visualizing the outside world. Multiple views shine through, offering an array of color, texture, and patterns, in turn, creating stylish pieces that capture the eye. One of my favorite pastimes while in design school was creating collections from beginning to end. I loved clipping swatches, sketching the designs, and pulling the pieces together to display a complete collection. Threads of Winter is just a glimpse of a past dream.