A Moment in Time Excerpt

Starting tomorrow, my digital edition of A Moment in Time will be on sale for a limited time. It is available through Kindle Books/Amazon and can be found under Aryn Lane novels. Below, I have included a short excerpt. More information about my novels can always be found on my website pages or on myContinue reading “A Moment in Time Excerpt”

Rainbow Roadtrip

Desperately needed to venture outside for some sunshine after a very long, cold winter in the northwest. Not quite used to the gloomier months despite spending my entire childhood outdoors, in the bitter cold of the north. I had become accustomed to the Carolina warmth and the many weekends at the beach. Thankfully, our roadContinue reading “Rainbow Roadtrip”

Mind Sharpener

Just one of those days when you want to scream after realizing that your hard drive doesn’t work anymore despite trying everything, and naturally, work’s always lost in the process. So, back to editing my novels for the fiftieth time. Wish I had eight hands, four sets of eyes, and a nifty mind sharpener. SomeContinue reading “Mind Sharpener”

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