Pixie Prelude

Pixie Prelude~ A style lullaby   Following months of distraction and tending to other things, including a new crime novel that has yet to be titled and published, I have finally completed my second style guide, Pixie Prelude. Originally, I was going for a spring title but continued to fall behind as I had to relearnContinue reading “Pixie Prelude”

Mama Bear

When you’re having a bad day, nothing seems to go your way, and you’ve spent years writing lame romance novels only to realize that you should have been focusing on a different genre. No matter what you try, so-called success appears to pass you by. While I may be the greatest at baking the shittiestContinue reading “Mama Bear”

Writers Paradise

Final day for my ebook sale! And just found a writer’s paradise! So quiet, so beautiful. Perfect for starting a new novel. Grab a digital edition of my ebooks for less at Kindle Books/Amazon. Today only!…Clovergrown

Spring Into Style

New style guide coming soon! After a very long, bitter winter I have finally been able to get a little sunlight, which is a huge energy booster. For years I have lived in states that are saturated with warmth and sunshine and never realized how much I rely on the natural climates for strength andContinue reading “Spring Into Style”

Live the Dream

Whenever I’m feeling down or have tired of the cold, gloomy, dark, unbearable weather that never gets better, I imagine my happy place, rainbows and all. A place where the days are long and warm and the sun is always around the corner, a hideaway of sorts where dreams aren’t just dreams. They are yourContinue reading “Live the Dream”

Iris Beauty

Since I have been editing novels for years- or what feels like forever- and have yet to be satisfied with the outcome, I tend to gather flowers whenever I feel down or am frustrated with my not-so-perfect work. Flowers are always beautiful, vibrant, and the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t care for diamonds. WithContinue reading “Iris Beauty”

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