April Newsletter

Read what’s new at Paperwaif, a shelf featuring contemporary novels, digital publications, and style ideas. View Nineties Noir, a magazine highlighting nineties tones, a whimsical road trip, and Wallpaper Dolls. Read excerpts from Miss Mannequin, a thriller crime novel that is socially engineered by design.

Pop Up Sale

Starting tomorrow, share or download a FREE digital edition of Miss Mannequin at Kindle/Amazon, a thriller novel written by American author, A. L. Merriman. Thriller threads and action laced. Stitched with adventure but designed to perfection. Will Utopia survive the socially engineered lifestyle?

Bored As Fluck

Bored as fluck and need a new book? Read Miss Mannequin, a novel with thriller threads and action laced scenes. Sew vain and stitched with evil, Paperwaif’s latest work is a socially engineered fantasy that captivates with each page turn. Written by American author, A. L. Merriman. Learn about upcoming sales and insights at Paperwaif.

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