Paperwaif Goals

Some of the goals that will inspire and highlight Paperwaif’s direction for 2020, including a book shop, seasonal style guides, and a new project.

November Excerpt

Read an excerpt from A Moment in Time, a young adult novel by Aryn Lane, inspired by elite gymnastics, young love, and the painful moments that challenge an individual’s strength to overcome the impossible. Available at Amazon/Kindle.

October Excerpt

Read an excerpt from The Hardest Truth, the second volume in The Valley Series. Written by American author, Aryn Lane, The Hardest Truth is a contemporary romance novel inspired by the valleys of the northwest. Aryn Lane novels are available in paperback and digital editions and can be purchased at Amazon. Learn more at

First Look

Get the first glimpse of Style & Twine, a lifestyle guide written and designed by American author Aryn Lane who offers inspiration and contemporary novels at Paperwaif, a website and blog.


“Hattie peered around the station. The other officers appeared to be elsewhere. Debating whether she should stay or go, she hesitantly sat down. Austin shifted. “Thanks for dropping the box by. Riley got caught up with orders.” Silence filled the room. They now had a reason to talk to one another, and yet coming upContinue reading “Excerpt”

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