Take Forty-Eight

Now on take 48, view a short video along with an excerpt from the thriller novel Miss Mannequin, now on sale at Kindle/Amazon until April 6th. Written by American author, A. L. Merriman.


“Swimming away, Slay thrashed around when kelp wrapped around her. She tore the kelp but froze as she came face to face with a familiar face- Ember. Ember’s lifeless, mutilated body with the wooden leg was caught in the forest, her dull, emerald eyes vacantly staring through the dark ocean. Slay had never been so frightened or terrified in her life. As she swam away, her eyes stayed on Ember, but the water appeared to lighten. A shadow with silver circles snaked behind Ember, and the circles resembled diamonds.

The shadow swam fast, dragging Slay by her ankles and battering her through the thick forest.

Air vanished from Slay’s lungs. Her body bumped against the dismembered limbs as she was pulled along the shallow ocean floor. Kicking and fighting the entire time, the mannequin’s evil grin turned into a murderous glare. It’s white, pearly teeth grazed Slay’s feet with a strange, ticklish charm. Slay nearly fell unconscious again but fought to stay alive. And then, so swiftly, so silently, the mannequin vanished, leaving her in a sea of mutilated bodies.” SHOP NOW

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Published by Aryn Lane

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