Too Cool 82 Photo Shoot

View a collection of snaps from Paperwaif's latest photo shoot, Too Cool '82, featuring so-called styles and snowflake tones. Inspired by being born in the eighties as grunge, flannels, and combat boots were just around the corner.

So called styles….


with worn pieces, vintage dresses, and offbeat combinations


To close out the most disappointing year yet, I have begun to piece together my latest digital magazine, Too Cool ’82 – a style guide only – featuring some of my favorite styles inspired by the cult show My So-Called Life; obviously my very first crush was Jared Leto. So it’s cheap flannels from my other half’s closet and combat boots with pretty floral dresses that float with each swizzle. Add a few different styles of black tights along with over-sized sweaters that feel so cozy and comfortable while writing the day away. The full guide will be posted at an unknown date in January following a much need two week break to focus on my mental state where my so-called work is set aside. After feeling very unsatisfied with my own work – cover art and lookbooks not included – I have decided to fully erase, rewrite, and republish The Valley Series with new storylines, characters, and intentions. I have been writing for some time, though, few individuals know my name or care, and I feel that my first works were very rough, obviously, since I had no prior experience and I had to figure out the industry and writing process on my own with no direction or guidance. Because I am somewhat a perfectionist with OCD tendencies, I want my work to represent my visions as well as my improving writing style. Too often, not so pleasant comments come back to me as people compare every aspect of my life to the storylines that I have written. Fiction is fiction. If it’s so easy to write books, please feel free to do so…. That said, I did not like my writing styles or plot lines for several of my novels under The Valley, so they will be rewritten with new copyrights as the old editions are phased out, hopefully, completed by the end of 2021. Also coming up in 2021, a new stand alone novel involving an environmental complication, Part Two of Echelon Files, Paperwaif’s first paper doll book, and a move across the ocean.

Concluding 2020 with no more posts, projects, or last minute rants, xoxo Paperwaif




Learn about Paperwaif's journey from an unrealistic dream to a lifelong obsession with writing, designing, and creating directions that highlight positivity, homegrown styles, and whimsical moments.


Beginning with an unrealistic dream to a lifelong obsession with writing, designing, and creating, Paperwaif has become a creative outlet focusing on positive goals, style lines, and book vibes. Offering digital magazines and contemporary novels, Paperwaif’s story grows with each page turn.



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